Mobile Wagering Account Rules

Mobile Wagering Account Rules

Patron must be at least 21 years of age to open a wagering account.

To open an account patron must complete a wagering account application. Patron must provide a government issued ID. Patron must also fill out an IRS form W-9 (if a U.S. resident) or provide an original social security card.

No wagers may be initiated from outside of any state where sports betting is legal.

All account transactions may only be made by the account holder. US Bookmaking does not allow agents. Photo ID is required for all account transactions.

US Bookmaking reserves the right to refuse wagers. Once a wager is confirmed through the US Bookmaking Mobile App it is binding by both parties and cannot be rescinded, modified, or voided.

Deposits may be made in cash, cashier check, wire, debit card, credit card, or electronically. Withdrawals over $10,000 may be delayed until the next banking day. US Bookmaking reserves the right to require withdrawals to be completed via check or wire. Withdrawals may be requested by mail. If requested by mail, a check in the name of the wagering account holder will be mailed to the mailing address on file.

Winnings over $600 with odds of more than 300-1 require a W2G to be completed. To complete the W2G the wagering account holder must appear at a US Bookmaking location before the winnings will be paid to the account. Winnings over $5,000 require taxes to be withheld.

Wagers will not be accepted for a larger amount than the available balance.

US Bookmaking determines wagering limits and odds. Limits and odds are subject to change.

All US Bookmaking house rules apply.

Wagering account holder may request a statement of transactions and history of wagers by contacting US Bookmaking.

Wagering account holder may file a dispute for review by contacting US Bookmaking. In the event a dispute cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the wagering account holder they have the right to request an investigation with the appropriate Gaming Control Board within the state where the bet is made. The decision of the Gaming Control Board is final.

US Bookmaking has the sole right to refuse the establishment of any wagering account, refuse to accept any deposit, suspend an account, or close an account for any reason without prior notice or liability.

Wagering account holder may close their account by appearing at a US Bookmaking location or remotely by sending the request in writing. When closing an account in person at a US Bookmaking location all funds must be withdrawn. If closing the account remotely a check in the name of the account holder for the remaining balance will be mailed to the mailing address on file.

US Bookmaking does its best to keep all patron information confidential. US Bookmaking may be required to share information with the appropriate regulators or Gaming Control Board, or as otherwise required by state or federal law. By opening a US Bookmaking wagering account, you agree US Bookmaking may share your information as required by gaming regulations.

US Bookmaking is not responsible for any third-party fees incurred by wagering account holder through the use of the US Bookmaking Mobile App. This includes cell phone usage, data, text, or overage charges. US Bookmaking is not responsible for any damage to wagering account holder’s mobile device or its operating system that may result from the use of the US Bookmaking Mobile App.

If you or someone you know has gambling problem the 24-hour problem gambling helpline is 800-522-4700.

Customer Support: 702.968.2966 Ext 410