USBookmaking is the official manager of the sports book. The company is staffed by the same executive core group that launched the first mobile sports betting app in the United States under the name Leroy’s Sports Books of Nevada in 2010. Since that time, we have watched every major Nevada casino company launch their mobile sports apps and have seen many major innovations. We have now taken mobile wagering to the next level!

We know sports betting and put our backgrounds up against any US sports wagering company in the business.

We have designed this USBookmaking app with special care. We feel it’s the best mobile app in sports wagering.

Our app features a state of the art mobile interface developed by Stadium Technologies offering clean graphics, simple selections and no unnecessary steps to confirm a wager. You will find it to be a more user-friendly app than our competitors.

We want our customers to enjoy their sports wagering experience and so we have reduced our house “take” by 20%. All our straight bets and totals begin at -108 instead of -110. This is a 20% reduction in house advantage, which is huge! We use the money line odds for parlays, not parlay pay tables, which produces payouts 15% or greater than our competitors.

When you bet with USBookmaking, your money stays in action longer.
When you bet a parlay with USBookmaking, your payout is larger.
Why play anywhere else?