USB Race & Sports Book
Colossal Betting Menu

USBookmaking offers the most diverse wagering menu with more ways to bet sports thanany sports book operator in Nevada. We offer the best odds in the state of Nevada for straight bets and totals, the best odds onof off-the-board parlay payouts and the best returns on future bets.

We provide the traditional sports book menu which includes:

  • Straight bet wagering
  • Totals wagering (Over/Unders)
  • Proposition Wagering
  • Parlay and Teaser wagering
  • In-game wagering

In addition, we offer players the opportunity to purchase an unlimited amount of half-points to enhance their chances of winning. What differentiates USBookmaking from our competition, besides better payouts, is our pari-mutuel daily fantasy contests in football, basketball, hockey, baseball, professional golf, soccer and NASCAR.

Besides all that, we offer common pooling (pari-mutuel) props in all sports including boxing and MMA. For example we offer you the opportunity to pick a particular combatant and what round he or she will win the match! No other sports book offers true pari-mutuel sports wagering. In pari-mutuel wagering, a player does not bet against the house. Instead, you bet against all of the other participants in the player pool. This often results in very large payouts that are not offered in straight or total bet wagering.