U.S. Integrity Partners With USBookmaking to Bring Added Security to the Sports Betting Industry

U.S. Integrity to Become USBookmaking’s Integrity Monitoring Provider

U.S. Integrity (USI) continues to make sports betting more secure via a new partnership with USBookmaking, a Las Vegas-based sports betting solutions company. The partnership provides USI with valuable data, informing a growing platform of real betting information to monitor the sports wagering market. In turn, USBookmaking receives access to alerts, reporting and additional fraud prevention services.

“U.S. Integrity is excited to be working with USBookmaking. We look forward to expanding our relationship with Vic Salerno, Robert Walker and the rest of the team. Vic is a legend in the Nevada sports betting and gaming industry, and Robert is one of the most progressive bookmakers in the industry,” said Matthew Holt, President and CEO of U.S. Integrity.

The partnership between USI and USBookmaking makes USI the exclusive integrity services provider for USBookmaking and its regulated sports betting operations in the United States.

“U.S. Integrity’s relationship with USBookmaking is exciting and progressive. The partnership ensures secure information data transfers in addition to a variety of integrity services. We are so pleased to be working with someone like Matt Holt and USI, who have demonstrated their ability to identify both normal and abnormal wagers throughout the betting marketplace,” said Vic Salerno, President of USBookmaking.

U.S. Integrity (USI) provides tailored integrity, fraud prevention and consulting services to organizations of all sizes, from major professional sports leagues and collegiate conferences to sportsbooks and operators throughout the country. Leveraging various data feeds from third parties, unique expertise, a proprietary dashboard and robust reporting, USI provides clients transparency into wagering information and identifies abnormalities within the U.S. betting environment.

USI does not manage risk or offer wagering lines. Consequently, it remains the only market participant that doesn’t encounter the inherent ethical conflicts that permeate our industry. Their partners and clients can safely and comfortably share with us their insider and proprietary information. USI provides protection services to numerous clients, including the National Basketball Association (NBA), the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and the Nevada Gaming Control Board. For more information, visit usintegrity.com.

USBookmaking is a Nevada limited liability company. USB executives have been historically licensed as owners, operators, system providers, and key employees in Nevada, New Jersey, Mississippi, and the Bahamas. USB executives, Vic Salerno and Robert Walker, Director of Sports Book Operations, are two of the top sports book operators in US gaming. The USB risk management team under Mr. Walker has a proven track record of maximizing sports book revenues. Mr. Salerno has been a leader of technology and innovation in the regulated sports wagering industry. For more information, visit usbookmaking.com.

Scott Sadin
Chief Operating Officer
U.S. Integrity